Australian Landscape Conference in September

Australian Landscape Conference, DESIGN FOR THE FUTURE: models from the Old World, challenges for the New September 20-23rd 2013 in Melbourne Australia. See http://www.landscapeconference.com/

Monty Don's French Gardens

Last autumn I was asked to serve as consultant for Monty Don's French Garden series, for two of the three episodes: Historic Gardens, Gourmet Gardens and Art Gardens. He spends a lot of time in Provence, which he loves. All three episodes show beautiful pictures of La Louve, the masterpiece of Nicole de Vésian, subject of my book Modern Design in Provence. The series begins Friday February 1st at 21 H (English Time). see the BBC TWO website.

A response after viewing: Monty Don’s French Gardens: three programs for BBC2 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01qgfjf

Events 2013

April 14-19 Garden Week in Provence: CANCELLED
April 20-21: guest of honor and moderator at the Festival PLantes rares et jardins naturels. See www.plantes-rares.com.
May 12-19 Country Life Tour: Pleasure Gardens of Provence see www.boxwoodtours.com
June 11-12 Participation in the Seattle Garden Club Tour of gardens in Provence
September 17-22: International Landscape Conference in Melbourne, Australia Lectures. See www.landscapeconference.com.